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Quit college, boys go to work to pay thousands of dollars

Self tinkering technology and foreign language school, Nguyen Trung Loi was admitted to a foreign company with a salary of thousands of dollars.
Nguyen Trung Loi (23) are excellent students for years. Level 3, Tin Loi specialized study and each high achievement in this field, such as solid consolation prize of a national student subjects Computer Science, 2011; Silver medalists area Informatics Mekong Delta, 2010; Consolation prizes National Youth Informatics, 2009.

In 2011, Loi pass into computer science a major university in HCMC. Bean university joy not long then decided to leave school for boys in the family’s dismay. Although many people recommend compartment, but for that school programs too heavy on theory, should bring profit academic determined to keep this intention.

“Learned a few months, I could not concern. Passionate programmer and want to become a software engineer, why do I have to learn the academic content, program outline badly while most of this knowledge is not can use when working, “he remembers Vinh Long original decision for his life.

Quit college, no degree, Loi has been appointed in the foreign company with an attractive salary.
Quit college, no degree, Loi has been appointed in the foreign company with an attractive salary.

Difficult family circumstances, do not want to waste your time and money themselves parents, after the school holidays, the boys began to go online to dig around the necessary knowledge about information technology. At first, learner-profit website and software, simple application. Once you have a bit of experience, benefits go to work for lower positions in technology companies in Vietnam.
In the process of work, benefits are always trying to learn from colleagues. In addition to enhancing professional knowledge Informatics, young men also take the time to practice English skills with the hope of developing a career.

“I believe in the power of the Internet. Google is a useful search engine, its therefore utilize Google, Stackoverflow and online document pages to automatically improve their own ability,” said Loi. The young man said, because each specializes in Private School, the algorithm itself is quite good and experienced by many national exam learning technology should not be difficult, especially when the materials are very popular online.

Although completely self-taught, but to date, profit has been more than 4 years working in the outsourcing company’s European headquarters in Vietnam such as: SwissITBridge (Switzerland) and Epinion (Denmark).

Environmental work in foreign companies, Taking advantage of advanced English skills and other essential skills. Although not yet in college, but profit can use English well and confident working in an international environment.

However, by not making profit college had difficulty working abroad. Recently, he passed the interview Engineer working bridge in Japan; even Rocket Internet – a major technology companies invited to make Germany’s senior engineer. However, according to the Labor Code abroad, Loi caught some issues, the company could not obtain a work permit for profit because he did not have a college degree.

Not satisfied with the current position, profit college decision once had a good job with the income of thousands of dollars per month at age 23. However, rather than take time off from work and school to school full-time main, Loi choose to study information technology at the University of online FUNIX to save time and effort.

Choose school first online university in Vietnam, not only learn to profit by software engineers, but also want to be exposed, to learn practical experience from experts in the field of self-interest as : Java technology, Hadoop – Big Data, software architecture for enterprise cloud computing ….

“A software engineer is not only good enough technical, social issues, industrial processes and the way corporate governance is also important. When participating in online learning program, I can learn , just do it, “said Loi received.

I wish to establish a business software and can now rank FUNIX mentor, Loi said he had specific plans to be able to complete the fastest college programs. Whether to go to work regularly, but to carry out this plan, Loi spent most of the evening time and free time to study.

Conducive to that learning to live with the trainers are experts, leading entrepreneurs will learn better practical knowledge. Because this teacher who knows what society needs and the students have to learn how to meet the job requirements.