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54-year-old contestant determined to pass the graduation exam

The 54-year-old man in Dak Nong is said to be the oldest candidate to take the 2019 national high school exam in this locality.
Many candidates and parents at Gia Nghia High School (Dak Nong) are curious about the old man wearing a white shirt, boxed with silver hair going to the 2019 national high school exam.

This person is Mai Kim Thieu, 54 years old, a student of the Continuing Education Center in Dak Nong province.

After completing the Literature exam in the morning of June 25, Mr. Thieu said his mood was good because the test was not as difficult as the previous year.

He said he was from Nam Dinh and followed his family to Dak Nong to establish his career. In the past, the family was difficult and crowded, he had no conditions to go to school, so he had to take a leave, so far, he has not had a high school degree.

Mr. Kieu was instructed by the supervisor to fill in the information on the exam card.


“I have a relative who learns the craft of catching a pulse, picking up medicines. But without a degree, when I applied for the procedure to open a clinic, I was not allowed by the authorities, ”said Thieu.

Therefore, he applied for a supplementary education at Dak Nong Continuing Education Center to supplement his degree.

“In order to save time, I learned more general practitioners and knowledge about oriental medicine. Currently, the general practitioner class is completed, when I have a high school diploma, I will receive a degree. This September, I continued to take the oriental medicine class to complete the conditions, ”said Thieu.

This contestant adds that he is older and is about to become a grandfather, his oldest daughter has just graduated from Hanoi Law University.

“Last month, I had an accident, broke my hand, removed the powder three days ago, so my hand was still embarrassed, I couldn’t write quickly,” he said.

Mr. Kieu did the national high school exam on June 25

“Compared to the previous day, knowledge is now wide, I am old, so my ability to absorb is slower than other students. I chose the Social Science complex in this exam with the hope that the knowledge I have accumulated over the past time will help a little, ”added Thieu.

“If I don’t pass this year, next year, I will continue to take the exam. I was about to become a grandfather so I wanted them to be proud because he was 54 years old and still graduated. Nothing is late, if I try and strive, I think I will be able to do it, ”added the contestant.